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Intech Group

Intech Group of companies was founded in 1987 by Mr. P. Duraisamy our Chairman and Managing Director
We are now a 60 crore company with interests in Industrial Automation, Fuel Retail, Wind Power, Lighting, Paper, Engineering and more
Despite our various diversifications our core interest continues to be in the Industrial Automation business which has helped us grow over the years. To know more about our various business activities kindly visit us on www.intechgroup.in

Intech DAQ

Realizing the Dream of a Connected World

The world today is connected 24x7. Everything we do and all the information that we know and here primarily come from the internet. Gone is the era when internet was complicated and expensive. Now every gadget that we know and use is connected to the internet and data is available on demand.
The internet has revolutionized the way we live, everything right from paying bills, travel, even shopping, banking and insurance have gone completely online. Why should the manufacturing industry lag behind?
For more than 28 years, Intech has been a leader in the field of high-speed electronic automation, serving over 6000 customers. We have been cutting edge industrial technology to the Indian market at affordable prices.
There was a time when the industry got the cutting edge tech in communication and data sharing; but that era is long past. Industry leaders are sitting on decade old technologies for fear of losing the market to newer open source technologies. We disagree.
Relevance, Competency & Efficiency in today's competitive world can be achieved only if there is a close monitoring of productivity levels and immediate intervention in case of problems to avert losses and loos in productivity.
The time has come for the convergence of industrial and consumer technologies.
We at Intech strive to provide our customers the best of both worlds without any compromise by using industrial grade hardware and integrating data in the Cloud.
Why should you the customer be limited in monitoring his data only on a HMI or a single PC using SCADA. The sad excuse that we are limited by technology not hold water anymore.
We put your data; your business on the cloud on all your devices from HMIs, to PCs to Mobiles and Tablets. We give you your right of accessing the data anywhere, anytime without any restriction.
Join us in realizing our dream of a connected Industry - WELCOME TO THE INTERNET OF THINGS.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is here today in the devices, sensors, controllers and data your business uses. Begin with what matters most to your company: the Internet of Your Things.